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Welcome to Shan’s Pizza Land


The Shan’s pizza land will have been giving healthy and quality food for consumers surround the area our Journey will be NO:1 Quality in the city
Trained employees are at their best when it comes to service because they are trained just to serve you in the right way. Patience and kindness are the key
components to excellent service and our employees acquire these very skills during training. Just to serve you better – we always try our best!

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The Shan’s pizza land. Truly landing Nice, soft crispy & Golden Brown
It is all about the crust. The crust made from over 20 years experience the pizza dough maker.
  • Hawaiian-pizza

Featured Menu Items


Hawaiian pizza 10”
Hawaiian pizza 10”
Ham, Pineapple & double cheese
Chicken pizza 10”
Chicken pizza 10”
Roast chicken, onion, Green bell peppers, cheddar cheese & mozzarella cheese
Pizza Italian 12″
Pizza Italian 12″
Salami, Italian sausage, black olive, Cheddar cheese & mozzarella cheese.
Sea food Deluxe 10’’
Sea food Deluxe 10’’
Shrimp, marinara sauce, Onion, green peppers, Mushroom & cheese
Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad
Meat / Ricotta & Spinach (Can be served with all sauces)

Shan’s Pizza land in Fairmount views

Shan’s Pizza land has come a long way in Fairmount views with the support of our loyal community customers. Healthy food in return, we have always offered excellent service, quality, and prices and will continue to do so. We always encourage our new landing as widespread as possible. If you have any question regarding our product contact our feel free number.

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Our chefs are highly trained and will guarantee not only satisfaction, but a tasty sensation. In addition, our clean environment enhances our quality. In other words, our quality, without a doubt, is amazing. Not only is our quality amazing, but it’s sold at a very affordable price. Our prices are very justified and comparable. In fact, we try our best to keep the prices to a minimum so our customers can enjoy eating once in a while without a huge bill. Furthermore, our delivery charge very lowest price in this city Pleasing our customers is the primary goal and our prices are right and take with hot foods their house!!!!

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*our delivery zone 5 km surround area.

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Besides our formidable service, we always have superb quality. We happen to be one of the first restaurants to offer in Fairmount views our craving customers with a sweet and hot sensation, one which you can only call delicious.

#5-7204 Fairmount Dr SE Calgary Alberta T2H1Z1

Monday – Sunday: 11AM – 12AM